The main purpose of my website is to showcase my photography and videography work that I have created over the years. It is an official portfolio that presents my work and myself in a professional, creative manner – not only for exhibition, but for possible collaboration and networking as well.

This website is a great opportunity for me to finally organize and display the past projects that I have put a lot of effort into. My work was originally spread out across different media platforms or even in different bins on my computer. Now – all of my creative work will be a one-stop experience that is easy to navigate through.

It is important for me, as an artist, to have a portfolio so that my work gets noticed and future clients can connect with me.

This website will also contribute to the ever-growing art scene revolving around media. These days, working with photo and video image is extremely beneficial for anyone looking to create content or build businesses.

My online portfolio is a great opportunity for me to build my own professional brand and give people a sense of who I am and what I can accomplish.


My intended audience is creative professionals of all ages who are hoping to collaborate on media-related projects or to simply enjoy and browse through visual artistic work.

My audience will include people such as models who are looking to collaborate on photo shoots and expand their own modelling experience. It will also reach out to other artists such as photographers and videographers who would like to collaborate on projects such as short films. Furthermore, I intend to reach out to various businesses that would like to promote their services and produce new content.

Besides networking, my website will also reach out to a large platform of users who enjoy looking through photography and videos.

This vast audience reflects the mass amount of users who are looking to reach out to creative artists like myself, and also to users who surf the web daily for creative content.


My approach for this website is to deliver content in a SIMPLE and CONSISTENT manner. I have learned that these two things are what makes for an extraordinary and effective website. I will create pages that are very user friendly all while maintaining a consistent and engaging design.

The most important aspect of the website is the CONTENT. Therefore, I will assemble all my content to ensure that my website has enough substance to stand on its own.


The content featured in my website will be a collection of my artistic work, a mini autobiography, and links and useful tools to my other social media platform.

The website will feature two major sections: PHOTO and VIDEO. My photography section will include more pages such as “Portrait Photography”, “Event Photography”, and “Promotional Photography”. Similarly, my Videography section will include other pages such as “Short Films”, “Commercial Videography”, and “Event Videography”. Because I have a wide variety of work, it must be dedicated to certain sections that are easy to navigate through.

Along with these two major sections, will be an “About” page and a “Contact” page. In my About page, will be a little blurb on who I am, what I do, and why I do it. I included important aspects about myself such as “I will never stop learning” and “I am an explorer…”. This helps to personalize myself to users and connect my face to my work.

The Contact page is a crucial page for future networking. Fill-out boxes will be presented so that users can fill out information such as Name, Phone Number, E-mail, and Message. This page is a simple way for users to connect directly with me.


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