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Low Fidelity




High Fidelity





This assignment taught me how valuable it is to create a website that is engaging and interactive. The most important thing I learned was to keep it SIMPLE and CONSISTENT.

I also learned about the importance of UI and UX, and how they combine to make a website that is both visually appealing and easily interactive.

I also learned that the CONTENT is the most important aspect of a webpage! If you don’t have content – you don’t have a website. I learned how valuable it is to keep your content organized.

I definitely encountered technical obstacles in the making of this assignment. Firstly, I didn’t have much Photoshop experience so using Photoshop was a big challenge for me. I ran into many tiny problems where I didn’t know how to complete tasks such as changing an object’s properties. I overcame this by searching and looking through various Photoshop tutorials.

Another technical obstacle that I faced was when my hard drive crashed and my laptop could no longer detect it. I thought that my project had come to an end but then I realized I had uploaded all my work on Balsamiq and InVision. I overcame this issue by re-downloading all my files from these websites.

If I had another opportunity to complete this assignment, I would start my prototyping way earlier and I would build my low fidelity prototypes before I worked on any of the design. For this assignment, I started my design in Photoshop before I had my prototype figured out. It didn’t take long before I got completely stuck and hung up on the look of my website rather than the actual use of it.

I would have also dedicated time beforehand to organize all of my content and download or save all the necessary media before I used it in the prototyping and design. For this assignment, I found myself downloading my work as I go – which became a setback. If I had all the material put aside and ready to use then things would have went much faster and I would have been a bit more organized.

Overall, I felt that this assignment was a very valuable experience. I realized that I actually like producing a website – I found myself spending a lot of extra time and effort into trying new things such as learning how to create a drop down menu. In the end, I found it extremely enjoyable and rewarding to create my own website.


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