User Interface (UI) design is nothing without a User Experience design (UX). Both, combined, are essential to a successful website.
User Interface design is the “look and feel” of a website. It leans more toward graphic design and focuses on the presentation of a brand or product, rather than the usability. UI turns the website content into a visually attractive experience of the content.

User Experience design is a process to enhance the users experience by ensuring that the usability is easy and enjoyable. It involves a consumer-product relationship where the consumer’s interactivity is the main focus.

After learning about UI and UX and their importance, I researched various portfolio websites for ideas and direction. Below are some examples of websites that inspired me, as well as others I found didn’t quite work.


This page is a perfect example of a portfolio website that is simple, consistent, and easy to navigate through.

Similar to this website, I hope to use little left and right arrows to guide through the images and videos.

One of the things I liked most about this website was the “Contact” page. The contact page will be an important aspect of my website so that possible clients can reach me in a simple way. I found it useful that she included fill-out boxes for users to type their information, as well as how she put up a little Instagram box that toggles through the pictures and directly links to her Instagram page. This influenced my own Contact page, since Instagram is one of the main sources where I post my content.

This page also inspired me because there is a large video that plays on the home page. My original idea was to include my demo reel in my website, and this furthermore made me realize it would be beneficial to include it on the homepage.


I found this website to be a captivating and modern approach to a portfolio. The design is unique, clean, and innovative. However, I noticed that there is a significant amount of wasted space and that the content is spread out far too much – making it difficult to navigate through.

I also noticed that there are no other pages besides the homepage. The homepage is designed to be swiped up and down, revealing all of their content. I do not think that this was a successful decision because it makes it harder to look through their work.

Their “Work”, “Culture”, and “Reach” buttons are directed to the side and unfortunately they become unnoticeable when swiping down and through some of their images.

This site made me realize that a successful webpage is much more than just “looking good” – It is about organized content and user-friendly experience. It’s a perfect example of how the UI design overwrote the UX design.


The Difference Between UX and UI Design – A Layman’s Guide


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