Project Management: User Testing

Today we focused on user testing and trunk testing. We were given questions about our own website that we answered very quickly. It made me start to think of the usability of my website from a user point of view.

Then we had another classmate navigate through our website while we observed how they use it. This was very helpful exercise as I realized that my original design may not have been as effective as I thought. There were certain navigation buttons that I thought were very simple, however my classmate was a bit confused because there were some dropdown options that were mixed with one-click options. This is something I had not thought of before – perhaps because I focused more on the design than the usability.

This exercise made me realize that I need to work more on my design to ensure that its usability is appropriate for all users. I learned that my subjective opinions of my website need to be altered to a more objective and universal scale.


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