Project Management: Coming Together

My website is finally coming together! After many minor difficulties such as resizing images and centring icons, I have finalised both my header and footer that will be used in every page and I am happy with result.

I decided to design a simple and modern logo, “gp”, for my name (Gillian Pownall). I have included this logo at the top left of the nav bar as a link to the home/index page throughout all my webpages. I feel as though this keeps the usability and design of my website both simple and consistent.

Now that I have finished the basic elements of the website, I am now focusing on more challenging tasks such as hover overlays and photo gallery flow effects. I plan to create an interactive gallery within my “Photo” page that includes multiple photos. I would also like to create hover overlays on the index page that will link the user to other pages such as PHOTO and VIDEO.

I am happy to have a better understanding of HTML and CSS. I am almost done!


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