Project Management: The End is in Sight!

I can see the light at the end of the tunnel! I am almost finished making my first website ever. I have made a lot of progress since yesterday with adjusting layouts and adding media content.

Index Page:

One of the aspects I struggled with most was the index page. Originally, I had three images lined up together, similar to my original high fidelity mockup. I had originally planned for the centre image to link to a demo reel video, while the other two images link to different pages of the website:

However in the usability testing, I remembered that a fellow classmate suggested that this layout was a bit confusing because there are two major sections in the website, and the demo reel is only a single video… meaning it should be placed either in the video section or on its own. Finally, I made the decision to put the demo reel video below two images (the two sections). This way, users can be directed easily two either PHOTO or VIDEO and if they wish, they can scroll down to the demo reel which has been embedded with a Vimeo link.

Now the next step for the index page will be to add text/image overlays that will be activated upon hover. The hover will bring up the option to either be directed to either of the major sections (PHOTO and VIDEO). I am also thinking of including a title on the home page so that it is easier to understand what the website is about,

Video Page:

Since this assignment only requires 4 webpages, I had originally planned NOT do create a video page. However, I got carried away and started to enjoy the progress I’ve made so I decided to make one. My original mockup had a cover flow design which allowed the user to hover throughout the different videos. Although this may be possible, it was a bit too advanced for the stage I am at with HTML. I decided to create a list of rows with the videos and descriptions of my video work instead. This keeps the design simple and effective.

As mentioned, there are a few last things that need adjusting but the end is near :).


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