Website Link and Reflection

Here is the link to my final website:

As a result of this assignment, I have learned that organisation is key. Whether it be correctly labelling all your divs or properly organising your files – this can seriously save you from a headache in the end. I also learned that it is very important to keep things simple because simplicity is usually the most usable and attractive. I decided to keep my design rather minimal with a black, white, and grey colour scheme, and to not “overload” it with content. I feel as though this decision was successful and I enjoy its minimalist character.

The key technical obstacles I encountered were always the littlest things! Minor problems such as difficulty centring/aligning items or linking other pages or websites. To overcome these small things, I would search online and usually ended up finding a solution. Once I found a solution, I could then understand and avoid the problem in the future. I feel as though I am extra careful now when checking for what the problem could be – I am consistently checking certain things such as if the spelling is correct and if divs are closed so I can avoid tiny problems later on. Other obstacles I encountered were larger more challenging actions such as javascript to create a slideshow of the images and other fancier effects. Again, I carefully search online or watch tutorials to overcome and learn something new. It is through a lot of trial and error that I have become more skilled at creating a website.

If I had another opportunity to complete this assignment, I would have started much earlier so I could cover the basics and then have a lot more time to create a more intriguing and interactive design. I felt as though I spent a lot of time learning the basics and wish I had more time to make it awesome. Now I know that creating a website requires a lot of time and energy, and is definitely not something that should be left until the last minute. If I had another opportunity, I would have also made sure to have my original content more organised and developed beforehand. I have learned how content is the most important part of the website.

What a learning process this was! I can say that I feel much more confident now in HTML and CSS. After spending so much time on this website, I actually began to enjoy the process and seeing it all come together. It is very rewarding to know I have made something and that it is now functioning and online.

Below are some screenshots of the finished website.



This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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