Working with Balsamiq

… has been great!

This useful tool helped me to visualize my website much better before I do all of the high fidelity mockups.

Balsamiq gave me the opportunity to concentrate on the FUNCTIONALITY and the DIRECTION of my website. I felt as though I was getting a bit lost in Photoshop before, because I was spending too much time worrying about the design. Now I have finally giving thought as to what each page will look like and how it will function – for both web AND mobile.

I feel as though my thoughts are much more organized now, and I am ready to develop more detail and design in Photoshop.


Prototypes in Photoshop

Last class we started prototyping in Photoshop. This process helped me better visualize how I’d like my webpage to look.

The biggest lesson I learned in this class was to KEEP IT SIMPLE. 

Simplicity goes a long way – take Apple’s website for instance. They are the most successful and recognizable company in the world yet their website is so simple and user friendly.

Abhi also helped me realize that a drop-down (hamburger) menu is a better way to organize my other pages such as “About Me” and “Contact”. It’s a better way to keep the design simple and user-friendly.



My most recent design, after adding the “Demo Reel” section (which will play in a loop) and the hamburger menu in the top right corner.


Early Prototypes

Attached you will find some of my early written prototypes. I received some feedback after I presented them in class.

The biggest lesson I learned in this class was that CONSISTENCY IS KEY.

I learned that my other pages weren’t necessarily consistent with my home page. This is something I need to work on if I hope to build a successful and appealing website. If it is consistent, it will be easier for the user to guide through the content.

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Portfolio Website Brainstorming

Today I began to put my ideas on paper. I have decided to create a website for my portfolio which will  include all my photography and videography work. As an artist, I have thought about having a portfolio website for a long time, so this is a great opportunity to start showcasing my artistic work.

I will include separate pages for Videography, Photography, and my Demo Reel. Within these pages will be links to more pages such as “Short Films” and “Portraits”. This way, the content will be more organized and the user will be able to navigate clearly and directly to the content they desire.

Along with these pages, I will also include an “About Me” and “Contact” page.

At the bottom of each page, will be symbolic links to social media pages such as Vimeo, Instagram, and Facebook.

Attached you will find some of my early-stage brainstorming.